The 5,000 curves Rally is 500 kms (300 miles) long, so it is thought for really routier motorcyclists.

Therefore, we recommend those who do not feel able to do it, not to enter in this beautiful but demanding route.

This is a tourist course with check points. Average speed is estimated to be 30 m/h.

As a special gift for the brave motorcyclists, assistance will be only given to those motorcycles under 250 cc and/or pre-1969. Higher or more modern motorcycles should use their own insurance assistance in case of need.

First come, first served. The 5,000 Curves Rally is closed to 120 inscriptions.

Start on time. If you are late, you are out. Runners are given a number and will start at regular intervals.

All the course is controlled by check points. Therefore, if you run too fast, you will be at the check points even before they are open, and if you are too slow, they will be closed by the time you arrive. In any of both cases, you are out. Check points are open for 50 minutes and they are identified as check points.

In case you do not find any of these check points, this means that you have run too fast or too slow; therefore, you are out.

It is mandatory to stop at the check points. If you miss any, you are out.

The organization keeps the right to change any of these regulations.