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XXIV Cantabria Tour


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This is a meeting open to any kind of motorcycles (pioneer veteran, vintage, classic, post-classic…) up to 1995. A kind of an open to all rally. There will be routes through the mountains and close to the  shore, with twisty roads and long straights, with  awesome landscapes and beautiful beaches, with delicious food and wine at the end of each day. Once more, it will have not only Spanish entrants but a good amount of welcome foreign riders.The starts will be 09:30 to 10:30 every day. You will start and ride freely (it won’t be a parade).

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All the routes are marked with arrows and you will be given an easy understanding road book. Try not to get lost and do never let the assistance van to go before you because, in that case, we won’t pick you up if you have any problem with your bike. But do not worry. You will always find an arrow at any crossroads and the moto club staff members will be there doing their best to tell you the right way.


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A challenge, a day and 300 miles.

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