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Moto Club Pistón started in 1978 promoted by “Piston Discotheque and Club” which gave us the name. The original idea came from Ramón Calderón (painter, multidisciplinar artist and brother to the famous musical composer Juan Carlos Calderón’s – yeah! You have listened to some of their songs performed by Herb Alpert) who was a vintage cars & motorcycles enthusiast and eventually founded “Escudería El Pistón” in 1964 (maybe one of the eldest classic motoring clubs in Spain). Moto Club Pistón is not such a veteran club but we can proudly say that we were among the first clubs devoted to classic motorcycling in Spain.

Our first meeting was held in Laredo in 1979. There were 325 entrants, a great success! We kept going on and the meeting was growing year by year, but this was not a classic bikes event. Modern bikes were the main characters. We knew that classic bike lovers were the hard core of the club so – in 1987 – with Julián Sesma (a superb motorcycling fan from Bilbao) we took part in the former Barajas Rally, where we met the “state of the art” of the Spanish classic motorcycling scene. After talking to Enrique Mayor, Joaquín García and Manolo Trapero (Barajas); Jaime Soler (Terrassa); the great Tomas Berna and Lola (Tauste) among many others, we promised that we would meet again soon in Santillana Del Mar at the Halloween weekend for the Piston Rally.
It’s been a long way since then and we are still alive.

This year we will be enjoying our XXVI International Meeting and once more there will be bikes, including the most beautiful routes in Cantabria, both at the shore and at the mountains, the famous 5,000 Curves Rally, which a little bit longer this year and will have some more participants. Better than ever!
Our wide programm allows anyone to enter for the most interesting days, not having to be here from the very first day to the end. .

All of this has been possible thanks to a team formed by enthusiast friends. And our friends are the ones who will always keep our Moto Club Pistón going on.